Author: Andrew Revoy

Web Design: Keep costs under control

Proper time management comes with planning!
Web design is a huge investment into both your marketing and sales funnels. Many of us know the value of good web design, but sometimes the costs can balloon beyond what is reasonable. This Harvard Business Review article mentions how one in six IT projects have a cost overrun of 200 percent. It is not hard to see why managers and owners cringe...

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5 Tips To Turbocharge Your Website

Working on their website, improving SEO
Speed is the name of the game! When you hop onto your website next, really pay attention to how it loads, how usable it is, and how it reacts to your device and use. A lot of good websites can be bogged down by the excessive use of high quality images and animations. Below I’ve included some helpful tips on how to supercharge your website! 1....

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7 Free SEO tips for your small business website

SEO can be a complex subject but it’s vital to your business! A good SEO strategy can account for a large amount of organic traffic, especially if you rank first for a search. Getting your website in front of the right people is paramount to reaching customers that find value from your products and services. Organic leads from search engines...

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