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705 Creative started out of humble beginnings, just two Trent University students working on a passion project. Through our determination, drive, and commitment to learning, this company was built. 

Content marketing in 2019 is about giving your followers the rich content they crave, marketing that has more substance then simply product promotion. We strive to share brand stories that right way; through making the connection between your brand and real people, real stories, and honest reviews.


Mercedez Nucaro

Mercedez has had passion for story telling and digital marketing ever since she worked as a professional makeup artist on film sets in Toronto.  She spends 8 hours a day editing videos and the remaining hours staring at her beloved companion: Boston Terrier mix, Benji. She loves being a vegan restaurant connoisseur, drinking red wine and salsa dancing. 

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Find me on social media:

Instagram: @mercedez_nv

LinkedIn: Mercedez Nucaro

August 01, 2017

Bianca Nucaro-Viteri

Bianca has been camera geek since a very young age, she worked as a freelance photographer throughout high school & university. 
Video came as a natural extension of photography, Bianca has produced video work for the Peterborough Humane Society, The Alzheimer's Society PKLNH, and many more.

In her spare time she enjoys writing sassy blog articles, escaping to exotic destinations, and dreaming about building a tiny house somewhere in the #ptbo wilderness.

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Find me on social media:

Instagram: @adventure_bee

LinkedIn: Bianca Nucaro-Viteri

July 07, 2017
Web Designer & Digital Marketer

Andrew Revoy

In-house developer and marketing analyst. Since a young age Andrew has had two passions: technology and business. After graduating from Trent University in Computer Science, and a diploma in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, he has gone on to work for multiple startups.  When Andrew isn't working he can be found tinkering in his workshop or spending time with friends and family.

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Find me on social media:

Instagram: @andrew.revoy

LinkedIn: Andrew Revoy

July 14, 2017
Graphic Designer

Emma Scott

Emma has loved Graphic Design since her earliest computer classes. After a taste of creative programs in high school, she moved to Toronto to pursue Graphic Design and Advertising. Since the completion of her program, she has worked on branding and advertising projects with numerous small and established businesses such as cafes, restaurants, fashion designers, bands, organizations, and more. If she isn’t glued to the computer with new ideas, she’s usually drawing, sipping craft beer, or planning her next adventure.

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Find me on social media:

Instagram: @emmascottdesign

Portfolio: https://emmascottdesign.co/

July 5, 2017
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