Web Design

705 Creative originally started off as a content creation company and has since launched web services. In the year since the launch, website design has become one of our top services. We are known for producing high converting, dynamic & responsive websites for clients and have seen many of them grow their businesses exponentially since launching the new sites.

Frequently Asked

  • Hosting is where all the information about your website is stored. It is actually on a server & when someone types in your domain name, the big world wide web pulls all of the information about your website from that host.

    We take care of all of the tech stuff on our end, so you can focus on happily enjoying your new website. We do quarterly or annually for hosting, which works out to about $30/ PM.  This goes toward the space needed to keep your website information somewhere & making sure that it’s working the way it should. 

  • YES! We love doing e-commerce website, paticularly in shopify, because we find this the best for business owners to work with, but we’re open. Talk to us if you’d like to sell your product online, we would be happy to help.

  • Depending on what your needs are we can totally update your existing website. Particularly, when its a wordpress based site, we’d love to give it a refresh. Send us a message & we can give you a quote! 

  • The short answer is no.

    All of our websites are designed using WordPress as a general rule. This is because we feel this platform gives us the most flexibility & capacity for creative freedom. 

    If you feel very strongly about using a certain platform (ei. Wix, Squarespace) we may not be the best fit for you. 

    For E-Commerce Websites, we tend to use shopify. This is because it offers the best features for those selling a product online! 

    Feel free to chat with us if you have any more questions about this.